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Repelling Machines

Repelling projects require careful construction to insure that all poles are oriented the correct way. In the case of repelling the poles must all be the same. This means that any focal points designed to repel must be the same pole. This makes it difficult to connect multiple rods to a single focal point.
Force Pull

This construction demonstrates how a Geomag sphere can be magnetized to sustain a heavy weight. The focal point at the top of the arch is designed so that all poles are focused with the same polarity into a single Geomag ball. That provides enough magnetism to pass through 7 other spheres and sustain the weight of the spinning machine.
Force Push

This construction demonstrates how the power of magnetism can be used to hold objects in place. Note carefully that the spinning machine is only connected to its base by two spheres. This is not sufficient to balance the spinner but with the magnetic rod above being drawn to the spinner it is held in place with magnetism. The focal point of the spinner must have the opposite pole as the rod above it.

Note carefully the bucket of Geomag spheres at the top of the Floater. Then view the pictures of the Floater and see what is holding this bucket in place.
Geomag Gears

This is the classic example of gears built with Geomag Magnets using the power of repelling magnets to turn gears.
Geomag Newton's Cradle

A magnetic representation of Newton's Cradle.

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